Where to Get Ghost Themes

A comprehensive list of links to premium and free Ghost themes . . .


Cathy Sarisky's List

Ghost.org - Theme Marketplace

ElectronThemes - Ghost Blogging Themes

Themeix - Ghost Themes Archives

GumRoad Marketplace - Ghost Themes

Haunted Themes - Premium Ghost Themes

Frank Theme - Free Ghost Themes

GBJ Solution | Ghost Themes

GTheme - Popular & Best Selling Premium Ghost Themes | Ghost Themes and Apps Marketplace

Stylesheets.dev | Beautifully designed Ghost themes for whatever you're building

Creative Market ~ Ghost Themes

JustGoodThemes - Ghost Themes

Aspire Themes - Ghost Themes

Biron Themes - Best Ghost Themes

ThemeForest - Ghost Themes

ThemeArt - Free Ghost Themes

Golem - Premium Ghost Themes by golem.io

ThemeSpectre - Free and Premium Ghost Themes

Fueko - Premium Ghost Themes by fueko

Anvod Studio - GHost Themes

IVEEL - Premium Ghost Themes

PXT.be - Ghost Themes

EStudioPatagon - Ghost Themes

t2 Themes - Ghost Themes

Inoryum - Ghost Themes

Super Themes Co. - Ghost Themes

HTML5up.net - Ghost Themes and Templates

Ghost for Beginners

Hostinger - 15 Free Ghost Themes (Article)

Make A Website Hub - Best Themes for Ghost Platform - Free and Premium 2019 (Article)

Webdesigner Depot - 10 Free Kick-Ass Ghost Themes (Article)

Colorlib - 28 Best Free Ghost Themes With Simplicity In Mind 2020 (Article)

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WebDesignDev - 20 Free Ghost Themes with Minimalist Designs (Article)

85ideas.com - 10+ Best Ghost Themes (Article)

EGrappler - 25 Free Themes for Ghost Blogging Platform (Article)

CodeCondo - 12 Free Minimal Ghost Themes (Article)

HaeckDesign - Top Free Ghost Themes & Ghost Skeletons | Freebies (Article)

DesignHooks - 50+ Free Ghost Themes 2019 (Article)

Buildify - 13 of the Best Portfolio Ghost Themes (Article)

Theme development

Ghost themes are written with a templating language called handlebars, which has a set of dynamic helpers to insert your data into template files. For example: {{author.name}} outputs the name of the current author.

Ghost has full and extensive theme documentation which outlines every template file, context and helper that you can use. You can also get started with the useful starter theme, which includes the most common foundations and components required to build your own theme.

If you want to chat with other people making Ghost themes to get any advice or help, there's also a themes section on the public Ghost forum.

And some websites about building themes:

Cathy Sarisky's Blog

Biron Themes Blog

How to make a Ghost theme

Ghost Theme Development Guide

Ghost Tips from Niko Uusitalo

Webflow to Ghost | Build Ghost Themes totally in Webflow

Dan Rowden - Product Builder | Subscriptions, Newsletters & Marketplaces

Dana Hooshmand | Build Anything

Grant Winney | 5 Quick Hacks for your Ghost Theme

Shared Physics | Working With Ghost

How to Create Ghost Themes: Introduction - YouTube

Paolo Tagliaferri | Software Architect

Cuong | Ghost Tutorials

Some of my personal faves on ThemeForest: