Talking Sticky Notes

Voice and speech synthesis-powered Sticky Notes! Artyom.js is a wrapper of the speechSynthesis and webkitSpeechRecognition APIs to add voice navigation to your websites.

Trigger the creation of a note with your voice (this only works in Chrome and Chromium browsers!) Add all the notes you want -- they'll still be here (only you can see them) whenever you revisit this page. (However clearing your browser cache will delete your notes, as yours are only stored in your own device.)

Try it out now. Say "Make a note. Call my Mother this Sunday." Everything you say after "Make a note" will be written onto a new Sticky Note below. (Bonus! Clicking or tapping on a note reads it aloud.)

    Click Here to Start Over (Your notes added above will be deleted)

    Voice commands Description
    As long as this page/tab remains open (even while you browse elsewhere in other tabs) you can continue to create notes here on this page using the voice commands.

    After you allow the use of the microphone on this site for the first time, it will automatically activate on your future visits to this page until you disable it like so:

    Artyom.js also supports these additional languages:

    Japanese 日本人
    Dutch (Netherlands)
    Polski (Polonia)
    Indonesian (Indonesia)
    Chinese (Cantonese [ 粤語(香港)]
    Mandarin [ 普通话(中国大陆)]
    Hindi (India)