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    [ —> UPDATE: The Theme Demos linked below are temporarily offline —> ]Currently I'm updating and extending some abandoned and dormant (but still awesome!) Ghost v1 themes for compatibility with v2. My works-in-progress

    One-Click Ghost Hosting - Performance Challenge!

    These screenshots compare a freshly installed identical installation of Ghost, as hosted on FastComet, Jelastic, and Themeix, the web hosts with one-click installers for the Ghost Publishing Platform. I'll add

    Ghost Edit Button Chrome Extension

    This handy bit of Chrome kit by Daniel Nielson (circa 2014) is a tiny little browser extension for Ghost that simply adds /edit/ to the end of the current URL. Ghost allows

    Just Demo Content

    Everything on this site below this post is just demo content I uploaded for testing and tweaking. All of my new posts ongoing will appear at the top.Testing... one... two... three.

    Welcome to Ghost

    Welcome, it's great to have you here. We know that first impressions are important, so we've populated your new site with some initial getting started posts that will help you get familiar with everything in no time.

    Writing posts with Ghost ✍️

    Getting started with the editor is simple, with familiar formatting options in a functional toolbar and the ability to add dynamic content seamlessly.

    Publishing options

    The Ghost editor has everything you need to fully optimise your content. This is where you can add tags and authors, feature a post, or turn a post into a page.

    Managing admin settings

    There are a couple of things to do next while you're getting set up: making your site private and inviting your team.

    Organising your content

    Ghost has a flexible organisational taxonomy called tags which can be used to configure your site structure using dynamic routing.

    Apps & integrations

    There are three primary ways to work with third-party services in Ghost: using Zapier, editing your theme, or using the Ghost API.

    Creating a custom theme

    Ghost comes with a beautiful default theme called Casper, which is designed to be a clean, readable publication layout and can be easily adapted for most purposes.

    Focused on Content

    Wordsmith is a clean amd content focus theme. So wordsmith is perfect for any writer or personal blogger who want ro share his/her thought through blogging. Additionally if you want to

    Powerful & Fast Search

    Ghost comes with inbuilt powerful search. visitor can easily find your content.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec nec blandit dolor. Duis a auctor risus. Duis odio odio, fermentum

    Sidebar Feature

    Each section in sidebar is customizable, sortable up & down, or if you wish you can just hide or remove any of the sections very quicly using only one charecter. Is'n it

    Ghost Supports Multi-Author

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    Vimeo Video Post

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    Sound Cloud Full

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    One Morning

    One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head

    Image inside

    This post has images within the post. See the full post to see how they look. Morbi eu lorem ligula. Vestibulum vehicula felis sed velit feugiat luctus. Mauris nibh sapien, pulvinar eu

    Youtube Video

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    Regular Text Post

    A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence

    Mixcloud Music

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    The Fox

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    Far Far Away

    Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a

    Featured Image

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    You're Live!

    You're live! Nice. We've put together a little post to introduce you to the Ghost editor and get you started. You can manage your content by signing in to the admin area

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