I admit that my development environment is totally not cool.

I admit that I am obsessed with efficiency and simplicity. My primary computer is a PixelBook.

I used to use FTP for site building, but the cPanel File Manager is now faster.

I use the free Pixlr online to edit my images.

But it Just Works

This whole setup just works, in any browser, on any machine, anywhere - all of the time. It's very freeing.


Firstly, I would advise that the very best hosting option, for anything mission-critical (and which I use for my own clients) is on and well worth it!

Although I struggled with DigitalOcean, I did succeed in deploying a Ghost on a Droplet ($5/month for one Ghost), and it was fun learning. I also have a Discourse Forum Droplet ($10/month) for hosting the comments on my Ghost sites (each site auto-connects to its own Category on the one forum).

But for my simple development setup I found only one host that provides, as advertised, a truly one-click Ghost. And you get a bunch of Ghosts if you want, not just one (I have 12 deployed right now on my $5/month hosting account I use for development and testing). It's dirt cheap by any measure. I've been using them for 6 months now, and my experience is that their support is Johnny-on-the-spot.

One Simple Shared Hosting for Ghost


Introduction to Ghost Hosting on FastComet (Their blog runs on Ghost too.)

If that isn't already simple enough, they provide simplified docs for total n00bs...

FastComet Ghost Tutorials

You can see -- there is a button right in my Cpanel. I click it. I wait 5 seconds. I have a Ghost site up and running on the web. I can restart the Ghost or delete it with another button-click. No Git. No Terminal. No Ubuntu. Just everything right here in my browser. Right on.

On FastComet I create new Ghost sites, and delete old ones at will, in seconds. And I use the File Manager right in my Cpanel to directly (and instantly) access and edit the files and images in my Ghost sites.

If you need this setup, here is my affiliate link:

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While I can highly recommend the FastComet hosting for a simple and efficient development environment, I would not (at least yet) host a mission-critical Ghost on FastComet! There have been glitches here and there...

(i.e. At first, my Ghost sites would randomly go down all at once, without any notification, until I went into the Ghost Manager in my Cpanel and hit all of the "Start" buttons to get them all back online. However, I haven't seen this problem since September 2019.)

Again, I would advise that the very best hosting option, for anything mission-critical, is on and well worth it!

My VPS...

P.S. I'm going to try this on my InMotion VPS account, and will update this page with my results. In the meantime, someone else appears to be testing it out...

Ghost install in cpannel
I use the latest Cpanel please help me how I can install ghost cms on Cpanel I installed node.js and ghost but when I run js called start show eror

OK... here we go... (I'll be adding to this page ongoing)

ConfigServer Explorer (cse)

My InMotion VPS has a WHM (Web Hosting Manager).

For each site I want to create, I create a new account in WHM.

Each of those site accounts has its own Cpanel that I log into (with its own username and password) for building and managing that one website.

Each one of those Cpanels has its own File Manager which shows only the files for that specific website. This way each site and its own files are kept separate, in its own, password-protected space. Yay.

Previously I've just logged into each Cpanel to work on that specific website.

But I just found this and installed it on my WHM (following the provided INSTALL.txt), so I now have a File Manager that gives me access to all of my sites and all of their files, all at once, in the same File Manager:

ConfigServer Explorer (cse)

Very convenient, but also much more easy to mess up my sites (catastrophically) if I am not careful.

InMotion VPS

Also, I'm setting up a Ghost site on my InMotion Hosting VPS, running CentOS 7.7 following this tutorial: