Ghost Themes With Extras

A list of the various extra functional components and features not already built into Ghost themes, and noting which themes have which extra features.

NOTE: Please do Email Me if you know of a specific theme with a built-in component or feature not already listed here.

Special Menus/Navigation

Hover-Down-Tags and Authors: Vanilla-Fizzy
Slide-Up Info Card: Buster
Multi-Level Hover-Slide-Out: Nightlight

Special Social Widgets

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons ( - Crisp

Table of Contents

Kaldorei (sticky)
Vanilla-Fizzy (Fixed side)
Jens-DocsLab (Sticky Side) and (sticky top accordion on mobile)


Okiku, Daythirty, Zvikov, webhacks

Drop-Down Menu

Vanilla Fizzy
Dunamis (incl in mobile)
Likewater (Tags dropdown and Authors Dropdown)
Orbit (slide-in both sides)
weiss-Pro (Slide-down mega tags and recent w/images) also click-down more

Theme Color Options

Slide-in Theme color-picker: Ghost-matery2, wwiki-books (wwiki-master-jens)

Version 1.0.0



Full-Page Slide Show

Bleak, Zvikov, Flip, Daythirty, escript, komik-theme, Nightlight, Okiku, Quill, Kava


Custom Post Templates

Custom Home Pages

Other Custom Pages

Special Sidebar Blocks (Beyond Tags, Featured and Latest)

Custom Sections/Routes



Contact Form

Archive Page

Snippet Collections




Comment Integrations


wwiki-books (wwiki-master-jens)

Other Visual Bling

Text-Sizer: wwiki-master-jens
Particle background: webhacks, cusca
Homepage image on hover: transform-tilt-perspective: webhacks, weiss-pro,

Feature-Rich Themes by Solid Developers

DocsLab - Demo - Docs

DocuHub - Demo - Docs

NewsFeed - Demo - Docs

Learn - Demo - Docs

PidKast - Demo - Docs

WeissPro - Demo - Docs

Auden - Demo - Docs

Dashi - Demo - Docs

Joben - Demo - Docs

Rinne - Demo - Docs

A Good Listing to Peruse and Compare More >>

Solid Ghost Theme Developers

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