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    [ —> UPDATE: The Theme Demos linked below are temporarily offline —> ]

    Currently I'm updating and extending some abandoned and dormant (but still awesome!) Ghost v1 themes for compatibility with v2. My works-in-progress are on subdomains of this site with links in this post. Let me know in the comments if you find a Ghost theme you'd like updated. Guest Authors are also welcome on this blog. - a one-of-a-kind theme I ported to v2 and updated the scripts. This cool gadget theme turns your blog posts into fun flip-books using a jquery flip book plugin from CoDrops. - The "Orbit" theme - an elegant and nicely-constructed modern twist on the more traditional Ghost themes. This one's already compatible with Ghost v2. By GBJsolution, $32 at Envato. - I've updated this one for compatibility with Ghost v2, and customized it further, from the incredible v1 "Blockster" theme. This was some crafty work by Pixel and Kraft on v1. In addition to updating it, I've stylized it a bit, and modified it to optionally serve up the posts in a modal popup. - a full-page slider for your posts with some fancy trimmings for navigating. "Theme Bleak by zutrinken." Downloaded from Github. - another rendition of Blockster I'm enhancing with some additional features (not that Blockster needed any more bling – Pixel and Kraft already tricked it out properly!) - a functional wikibooks clone by 发布 版本. Useful for a documentation site or a book, because you can finely organize and control your page structures and sequencing rather than only displaying posts in ascending or descending order. I updated this one for v2 as well.

    Please drop me a line if you come across a cool theme, or an older abandoned theme that is worthy of a little love in order to work with Ghost v2!

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