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    Biswajit Saha
    15 posts India
    Developer at GBJ solution. I love to travel, make new friends. I prefer tea over coffee.

    Focused on Content

    Wordsmith is a clean amd content focus theme. So wordsmith is perfect for any writer or personal blogger who want ro share his/her thought through blogging. Additionally if you want to

    Powerful & Fast Search

    Ghost comes with inbuilt powerful search. visitor can easily find your content.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec nec blandit dolor. Duis a auctor risus. Duis odio odio, fermentum

    Ghost Supports Multi-Author

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    Vimeo Video Post

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    Sound Cloud Full

    Sound cloud offers 2 type of embed codeOrbit theme can render both of those in beautiful way. Suspendisse dui nunc, condimentum et posuere venenatis, interdum eu leo. Fusce venenatis non purus quis